Experience the comfort and peace of mind, wherever you stay!

Whether you’re travelling with friends or with your whole family, there’s a variety of accommodations to suit your needs. Chill in an Ashi, experience the comfort of a day-use room and choose from these unique places to stay.
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Kuda Ashi/Regular Hut

Cool off in the shade in this exclusive and private Kuda Ashi, the perfect place to cook up a feast with your friends and family. Enjoy the traditional picnic experience with the Kuda Ashi, which comes with cooking facilities (gas stove/in-built sink) and seating for up to 15 people at a time.

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Bodu Ashi/Large Hut

Looking for an ideal place to host large gatherings? With the capacity to accommodate 60 people, our spacious Bodu Ashi can host your picnic with extended families and friends, corporate retreats, and birthday parties. This Bodu Ashi comes with cooking facilities (gas stove/in-built sink) perfect for cooking up a feast for the crowd!

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Faseyha Ashi

For the convenience and comfort of those with disabilities, we have designated a specific Ashi. This Ashi comes with direct access from the ring road and flooring to provide easier access for wheelchairs.

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Rashu Stay

Need a day-use room? Our Rashu Stay rooms are the perfect place to unwind after a long day at the beach. With a fully furnished bedroom and a private bathroom, it’s a great place to relax before your journey back to the city.

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